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CPS Products LS790B R12 and R134a Deluxe Leak Seeker Detector

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Part Number:CPSLS790B

Features and Benefits:


  • The LS790B Leak-Seeke combines the most advanced microcomputer circuitry with patented Ion-PUM sensor technology to produce the world's most reliable, field proven and accurate refrigerant leak detector available today.
  • Sensitivity: With today's rapid introduction of new refrigerants, only the LS790B allows you the flexibility of 10 discrete sensitivity settings. Simply depress the sensitivity key and watch as the bar graph display moves from left to right (left being the lowest sensitivity setting and right being the highest). Over 100 computer generated tones and an active I0 LED visual bar graph display quickly alerts you to varying refrigerant concentration levels during leak testing.
  • NOTE: At the lowest sensitivity setting, the LS790B can detect a CFC leak as small as 1/4oz/8g per year and an HFC leak, as small as 1/2oz/1.5g per year.
  • Lock-Out: The LS79OB's unique Lock-Out feature completely eliminates the effects of nuisance background contamination during the leak testing process. This is accomplished with the help of the LS79O's advanced microprocessor, which will automatically and systematically store the recorded values of the surrounding refrigerant concentration levels, alarming only in the area of the highest recorded concentration level (the leak source).


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